Blanco Rabbit

Blanco Rabbit is the brainchild of  Misha Cariola, a thoughtful, attentive, creative-minded 24yr old making apparel, art, and accessories for girls who give a shit about what matters, and understand what doesn't.  Misha uses inspiration from current events, dreams, & personal experiences to create designs that hit an intersection of whatever is psychedelic, creepy, and cute.

Style Guide

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Blanco Rabbit uses abstract shapes with vibrating colors and patterns to create a psychedelic visual experience. A hand lettering technique, “fluid lettering”, is used as a custom typeface for the brand.



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Blanco Rabbit sells screen printed apparel online. Each order is shipped in a poly mailer and comes with a Blanco Rabbit sticker.

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email marketing

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Blanco Rabbit has an email subscription list for people interested in discounts, tutorials, free backgrounds, and more. Each email features hand-lettered type and are designed to be simple and eye-catching.